Hey everyone, my name is Scott and I am  the founder of On Trend Compression. I am extremely excited to share with you how I started this company.

 Am I a nurse? No.

I might not know what it’s like to experience what you do but have lived with people like you. My mother was a nurse and I have many friends in the health care industry also. I’ve been directly impacted by watching loved ones come home from long shifts tired and hurting. I hated seeing people in my life in pain and really wanted to do something.

I’ve always been business minded and am passionate about providing the best products that help people. One day while scrolling the internet I stumbled across some compression socks. I knew nothing about compression socks but could tell there was something special about these ones. They came in these funky out their colours and were actually designed by nurses.

After some research I was reading what a difference these amazing compression socks were making in peoples lives. I had some friends try them and they confirmed they were the real deal, from there On Trend Compression was born. 

For for the last 5 years On Trend Compression has been making a difference in the lives of thousands of nurses, workers on their feet all day and travellers. Even those that sit all day tell us what a difference they make.

I'm Brisbane based but love travelling this wonderful country supplying these products. 

Ready to make work, exercise or travel life great again? Click below and let's go!